Quickly Pay Your Team Using Their Harvest Time Entries

Payroll Simplified

Harvest makes it simple to track time and invoice your clients. Yield Payroll makes it easy to pay your team using the same time entries.

Harvest Sync

Manage all your settings in Harvest. Yield Payroll will sync them to do the calculations.

Revenue Metrics

Track your margin and hours across your projects and team. Track hours, track revenue, and more so you know exactly how you are performing.


Harvest Time Tracker is a fantastic tool to track time. While Harvest lets us track time and send invoices to clients quickly, it is very manual to calculate and track the hours to pay workers. We have to export the time records, calculate the hours, add them into the payroll software, and pay the worker while ensuring we didn't make a mistake. This process takes time, has a lot of copy and paste, and is error-prone.

YieldPayroll works with Harvest Time Tracking to help you pay your team quickly. It is as simple as login in using your Harvest account, add their hours into your payroll system, and marking the paid hours. Further, you can track metrics such as your daily billable and non-billable hours. 

1. Login with Harvest

2. Track Worker Payments

Track your worker payments and mark the hours paid.

Extra! Track Daily Work Metrics

Track Billable and Non-Billable Hours and Your Daily Revenue


Yield Payroll
Month / Harvest Account
  • Unlimited Workers
  • Track Hours Paid