Quickly Pay Your Team Using Their Harvest Time Entries

Payroll Simplified

Harvest makes it simple to track time and invoice your clients. Yield Payroll makes it easy to pay your team using the same time entries.

Harvest Sync

Manage all your settings in Harvest. Yield Payroll will sync them to do the calculations.

Revenue Metrics

Track your margin and hours across your projects and team. Track hours, track revenue, and more so you know exactly how you are performing.


Month / Harvest Account
  • Unlimited Workers
  • Track Hours Paid


opsZero has zero full-time employees. The people who work for us are freelancers who come and go. Having these wandering, globetrotting freelancers track their time through Harvest Time Tracker has been fantastic. We no longer have to worry about figuring out time tracking and invoicing our customers. However, Harvest doesn't track which contractors we have paid.

Every time we wanted to pay our nomads, we had to export the time records, calculate the hours, add them into the payroll software, and finally pay the worker. Mistakes were made! To curtail this tedious and error-prone process, YieldPayroll was built.

With YieldPayroll, we have two primary goals.

  1. Make it easy to pay workers.
  2. Find overhead in the tasks we do.

We make it easy to use YieldPayroll. Login with your Harvest account, check YieldPayroll's auto-generated time ledger to see who needs to be paid, add those hours into your payroll software to pay your worker, and then marking the hours as paid on YieldPayroll. This process simplifies and reduces the time to pay workers.

Our second goal with YieldPayroll is to uncover overhead. At opsZero, we have a few simple metrics we try to meet. We want to minimize the number of non-billable hours to a minimum. We want to ensure that each freelancer we have is delivering value for the company. We want to know how quickly we are getting paid. And finally, we want to ensure that our operating expense is low.

As we update YieldPayroll for ourselves, we are adding more features to make paying your workers and tracking overhead as easy as possible!