Payroll for Harvest Time Tracker

Posted 11 months ago

How it Works
opsZero doesn't have any full-time employees. Since our inception in 2016, we have used freelancers for everything. We use freelance networks such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Magic for marketing and sales tasks. However, for customer-related work, we use Harvest. Harvest has everything needed to track time and invoice our customers, but it doesn't have a way to track our freelancers' payments. We built YieldPayroll to address this.

YieldPayroll is a super simple tool. Log in with your Harvest account, see the time entries for your workers. Pay them using your Payroll software such as Gusto, Square Payroll, Paypal, etc. Then mark the hours paid within YieldPayroll. Harvest has accelerated the speed at which we do our work and invoice customers. YieldPayroll has accelerated how fast we pay our freelancers, ensuring they are happy.

We launched Yield Payroll with opsZero Launchpad. Monetize your microSaaS, internal tools, data, and APIs.